Our services

The keyHR Strategy

We help you reach your business objectives by understanding how great HR practices fit into your overall goals and how they add value. We provide frameworks, processes and delivery mechanisms that ensure your people and work environment delivers.

HR Audits/Reviews

Our review and audit services are designed to identify areas for improved HR practices to ensure you get the most out of your people.

Policies and Procedures

HR on Tap will work with you to develop clear and sensible policies and procedures that ensure you manage and treat your employees in the right way. Rock solid policies and procedures will ensure you manage people effectively, fairly and consistently. We’ll partner with you to develop the documentation (including providing templates) and implement the policy to ensure staff and managers understand what is expected of them.

HR Contracting

Add power to your HR team to help in the day-to-day operations or use us for special projects, change processes, restructure design and management, exit interviews and coaching.


HR on Tap can take care of your outsourcing requirements so that you can concentrate on growing your business profitability and productivity. We are not just a consultant – we do the work! Some of the services we offer include:

  • HR advice
  • HR material
  • Talent selection, advice and assistance
  • Policies and procedure development

Conflict Resolution and Employment Relations

Nipping conflict in the bud is the best HR approach. We’ll help you ensure that conflict is worked through to an amicable solution. We’ll advise, support and teach you and your teams to manage conflict as it arises.

We can also provide you with comprehensive employment relations advice.

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are a legal requirement that clearly define the nature of the employment relationship ensuring everyone understands what is expected of them.

HR on Tap will work with you to design agreements that reflect your organisation and its culture. We can also review employment agreements to ensure any legislative changes are reflected.

Performance Management

Excellent performance management means you get the best out of your people. We will work with you to engage your people effectively and create a performance management system suited to the way you do business.

Unfortunately sometimes things don’t work out as we expect and we need to performance manage or discipline a staff member. HR on Tap can advise and support you to deliver this in a legal, fair and solution oriented way.


Managing and developing talent is what really makes a work place hum. HR on Tap can provide experienced and skilled coaching advice and training to ensure your talent reaches their potential.