Standout CVs

Looking for a new role…or changing the one you’ve got?

Your work experience, the professional and personal skills you’ve developed make up an essential part of your job seeking toolkit.

HR on Tap will help you to take those essential parts of your history and create a CV designed to make you stand out and give you the edge in the starting blocks.

My First CV

If you’re a school leaver, graduate, apprentice or simply looking for your first role, we will help you understand and unlock just what it is you have to offer, so you can confidently present this to your first employer.

Role Refresher CV

Thinking of moving position, we’ll update your CV to capture and reflect the development you’ve achieved in your most recent roles. This CV is for those who don’t wish to take on a leadership component within their role.

Senior Role CV

Currently holding a senior role within an organisation, without direct reports, you’re now ready to move to another such role. This CV will clearly articulate the strength and expertise you have developed to date and will bring with you to your next senior position.

Leadership CV

Taking the first step into a leadership role, moving across the leadership platform or up the leadership ladder, your CV needs to clearly articulate your leadership potential, or existing strength, and sell you as a leader of choice.

Executive CV

Entering a Senior Leadership role, moving around the Senior Leadership table, or becoming the CEO, confidently and accurately present the depth and breadth of your senior leadership experience and capability for those competitively sought-after positions.

Short turnaround time

We understand that sometimes an opportunity comes along that you weren’t expecting and you need your CV completed as soon as possible. We can work with you to provide a CV in a short time frame. To ensure your CV is produced in 3 days or less a fee of $150 would be added to the CV cost.

Please note: All of our prices will be plus GST.

Present the CV that gives you the edge – contact us today!